VIVE COVID-19 Response Plan

As we are all aware now, these are complicated and unprecedented times for the United States and people globally. At VIVE, our number one priority is the safety and health of our employees, families, clients and the communities in which we live. Because of the inclement weather conditions experienced regularly in Michigan, we developed a Remote Operations Continuity Plan (ROCP) long ago, which is now active, that allows our staff to work remotely without any disruptions to operations and customer service.

The Covid-19 outbreak has mandated that we enhance some of the ROCP protocols included in our original design. Below you will find examples of actions and protocols that will ensure our ROCP is effective and sustainable no matter how long we must keep it in place:

  • A Covid-19 Awareness Team comprised of VIVE executives has been formed to monitor situations regularly (including the WHO, CDC, national, state and local agencies), to do our part in any way to help eradicate this virus and keep our communities safe, while at the same time working on contingency planning;
  • For the short term, we have canceled all non-essential travel, meetings and conferences;
  • We are communicating with clients to understand their current protocols and restrictions during this time, to ensure our operations are adjusted to align with their needs;
  • We have adopted a completely flexible work-life ideology so that our employees can deal with the personal effects of this pandemic including childcare, schooling, medical appointments, unplanned conflicts, and still maintain effective customer service.
  • While all employees are currently working remotely, our facilities have been deep cleaned and disinfected to prevent any potential virus spread from happening. Notifications concerning hand cleaning, personal hygiene and social distancing have been posted to keep potential transmission from our offices when we return;
  • VIVE has robust customer service metrics monitoring capabilities. Our internal platforms allow this to continue remotely, so that VIVE management can monitor phone, chat and other customer service metrics ensuring they remain at a high level for our clients, vendors and VIVE application users.

We are proud to work with our clients, vendors, and users even more so in these challenging times. Please let us know if there is anything additional that we can do for you. Rest assured that VIVE has the resources, Remote Operations Continuity Plan and tenacity to keep your vendor compliance program running effectively into the future.

Best Regards,
Joe Bushey