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The Better Way To Manage Vendors

VIVE helps Management Companies manage their properties with confidence, knowing that ongoing vendor compliance is being tracked, reported and optimized.

We do the work. You see the results.

You can track every component of your Vendor Compliance program through your company portal. And integrations with your accounting software means the information you need is right where you want it.

VIVE’s proprietary “Find a Vendor” is the best way to augment your existing vendor portfolio. Search an extensive list of VIVE network compliance screened vendors to supplement your existing vendor pool.


Not all job tasks require the same level of risk mitigation. VIVE’s tiered vendor screening process allows clients to set compliance parameters by site location, trade type and much more.  


Check the performance and status of your vendor portfolio at a glance on your VIVE Dashboard, or via our integration with the industry's leading accounting software platforms.

Our suite of additional services is unmatched

QuickSource Bids (RFPs)

Quickly plan and fulfill work needs on the properties you manage with VIVE’s industry leading QuickSourceBids.

  • Bid Submission Performance
  • Permanent proposal and bid archive
  • Bid submission notices
  • Bid reminders
  • Award Notices
  • RFP and Bid document attachments

Document Management

Manage and store all documents to create a virtual data room for your vendors.

  • VIVE Vendor Agreement
  • Vendor W-9 Forms
  • Insurance Certificates (COIs)
  • Insurance Support Documents (Endorsements, etc.)
  • Vendor Contracts
  • Client RFPs and Vendor Bids


VIVE Vendor Ratings are a great way to share vendor performance within your organization.

  • 10 simple question surveys
  • Ratings averaged across all client users
  • Objective vendor ratings
  • Sort and search
  • Rating details

Vendor Management

Breeze through your client dashboard to manage vendors at your fingertips!

  • Cloud based application allows you to work from anywhere 
  • Trade license and insurance expiration tracking
  • Accounting integration for real time updates
  • The industry’s most dynamic search capabilities

Contract Management

Contract Management is a new feature designed to track specific data elements within your vendor contracts. Use these features to effectively manage your contracts:

  • Upload and store vendor contracts
  • System generated contract renewal and termination notices
  • Contract data reporting
  • Email alerts

Vendor Spotlight

Add visibility to your valued vendors with Vendor Spotlight. Help promote vendors that support your business.  

  • Assign ranks to Valued Vendors
  • Augment Partner Vendor Programs
  • Add Visibility for Vendor Search Result

See How It Works

This is what you get with VIVE vendor management.
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We don’t like to talk about ourselves…
But our clients and vendors do!

To ensure the best service possible, VIVE tracks performance metrics and asks our users continually how we are doing.  Don’t take our word for it.  Review a summary of the thousands of responses we have received from clients, vendors and insurance agents across the country!
Fast and easy service. Just how I like it!
Hayes Contracting Services, LLC…

I appreciate all the follow-up of documents received and documents reviewed and accepted, as it allows us to close out our open activities on client certs.  Bush and Bush Properties, Inc….

Your system is organized and simple to navigate.
Sarah B. Collins Manager
It's always nice when you receive a reply back for the company that is working on getting the Vendor set up for compliance.  Not all companies are as user friendly as yours.  Thank you! 
BPR, Inc.

It's an easy service to use, unlike some others. 
R.B.K. Holdings, Inc. 

It went very smoothly!...I wish all tracking services were you like yours :)
Bryan Tranoi, Inc.
Vendors in our network, screened and validated
Over 2.5MM compliance data elements efficiently screened for our clients
Over 20,000 vendors screened at no cost to our management company clients

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