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Why United Property Associates chose VIVE

One of VIVE's newest clients, United Property Associates, understands the importance of vendor screening. And that's why they now partner with VIVE.

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VIVE featured in Habitat Magazine

Insurance policy exclusions are a touchy subject for HOAs these days, but there are solutions to the problem.

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Why is Vendor Compliance Important?

Vendor management is a vital component of the services management companies provide their clients, and monitoring vendor compliance is a critical part of this process.

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What liability do vendors pose to my company?

There's a lot that goes into training a new Community Association Manager, since there's so many things we expect our CAMs to be responsible for. But usually, on the first day, a supervisor will tell them something along these lines: "Stick to the contract." The service agreement between a management company and an association is a sacred document. And any company worth its salt will do everything I can to make sure it doesn't fall afoul of that agreement.

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